• Sports Coach Shares Tips for Setting Fitness Goals

    You may very well sign up for a fitness training program but what are you really trying to achieve through your workout? It is very important to know exactly where you are headed before you set off. Setting your work out goals requires a god deal of consideration and planning. Here are some things you should keep in mind when setting your goals.

    Decide what you really want

    Ask yourself why you are joining a fitness program Do you want to lose weight, keep fit or a train for a bike race like the Tour De France. Are you training for some sport or do you want to achieve an hour glass figure to become a model? You should have a clear idea in your own mind, what you want to achieve.

    Tour De France
    Tour De France

    Set clear deadlines

    Talk to your trainer at fitness coach and tell him what you wish to achieve. In consultation with him you can set definite dates when you will achieve your targets.

    For example if you want to lose weight, you could say “I will lose 10 pounds in 10 days” or “I will do 100 push-ups by such and such date.” Setting definite targets and deadlines will help you focus on the task.

    Draw up an Action Plan

    Here again your personal trainer can help you. Sit down and discuss with him the type of exercises you will require to do in order to get the best result for your bike race or sporting event.

    He will take into account the intensity of the exercises, your present condition, and your ability to perform. He may ask you to set lower targets if he feels you cannot achieve the ones you have set or encourage you to set higher ones if you have aimed too low. He may also suggest a diet plan.

    Write Down your Goals and Plan

    Take a pen and paper and write down the targets you have set and the plan you have laid out to achieve them. Then monitor your progress with the help of the bathroom scales and the bathroom mirror.

    You can paste copies of your plan in several places around the house where you can see them as you pass. This will help particularly if you are following a diet along with your exercise program.

    Maintain a Journal

    Maintain a journal of your progress. This will encourage you as you watch yourself moving slowly but surely towards your target. This journal will also serve as a reminder later in life when you may get lax about your routine.

    Recite your goals

    Make it a part of your toilet routine. All the while you brush, shave, or bathe keep reminding yourself of the targets you have set. Turn it into a daily “mantra” which becomes a habit. If it penetrates your mind you can easily achieve your desired goals.

    The more you focus on the task the better results you will see. So talk to the trainers and give yourself the perfect, fit, and healthy figure.

  • What to consider when hiring a right Personal Trainer

    Today, it has become easy as child’s play to obtain a fake degree or diploma in any field. Thats why it has become difficult to judge the right people out of the fake ones. Same goes in the case of hiring well skilled and well experienced personal trainers. The market is full of fake people and it gives a tough time to ordinary people when they go to hire a professional trainer for themselves.

    mock certified trainer

    In these days, the need of personal training has increased a lot more than ever. People find it difficult to stick to weight loss exercises on their own. Another reason is that they are not sure about the effectiveness of the exercises nor they are familiar with the risks that any work out can put you in. Rushing to gym is another immediate idea but it has it has cons as well.

    Finding people that belong to your level is difficult there. In gyms, individual attention is not given so generalized work outs are carried out that may not suit your needs. Some people are shy to face people while working out in gyms. These reasons make it more practical to hire a professional personal trainer. Fitness trainers make sure you achieve your goals of building muscles and losing weight in desired time with no health injuries. They plan out exercises depending upon your needs after deep analysis. They also suggest you what to eat and what to not. Check out EPTI Personal Trainer Courses website for more on fitness training and process of becoming a personal trainer.

    When hiring a professional for your fitness training, you must make sure that you are choosing the right person. There should be no hesitation in asking about his experiences, qualifications, certifications and credentials. The fake instructor can never become equal to a well trained instructor. If a person tries to hide his certifications or seem reluctant to talk about his skills and experiences, it definitely means that there is something wrong. You cannot trust for your health on such illegitimate professionals.

    If you find an instructor who is qualified but does not have enough experience, even then, he is better than the fake trainers. Having diploma in any other related field like first aid is considered an additional benefit! You can take decision about hiring an instructor or not by judging his body language and your observations.

    Good trainers like to be questioned and they prove themselves by answering with their knowledge and experiences while fake fitness trainers respond in two extreme ways. They would either talk too much or find it difficult to answer your queries. They might feel irritated by your interview, give short answers or talk like they have crammed those lines. The other extreme could be that they would talk too much. They want to take out as much money as possible from your pocket and can make impractical commitments with you. They would promise everything you ask for without thinking about it. Another significant indicator to choose a personal trainer or not is to see his fitness level. It will show his commitment towards his work and passion to stay fit.

    The best way is to do a quick search on net about fitness and health issues. Investigate about those topics to the claimed trainer, if he fails to give satisfactory answers or give monotonous answers to all questions, it shows that he is not the right person for you. Try to reach to those trainers who are referred by people around. If you find it difficult to interview a fitness trainer, you can bring a friend or family member with you who has good knowledge about it. He may investigate all the necessary details of the trainer for you.

    When you successfully hire a reputed qualified personal trainer, half of your job is done. Now he will help you in setting small goals and motivating you to achieve those goals. He will provide all the help and guidance that he can give from designing exercises to developing diet charts as per your requirements. He would monitor the progress you make, and if sufficient outcomes are not obtained he would bring the next plan for you. Your part would be to follow his instructions strictly.

  • Benefits of Hiring your own Personal Trainer


    Hiring a personal trainer is a much better step than deciding to work out on your own. The reason for this is that self imposed discipline is very difficult and one would falter at some point of time, if he or she is sweating out in the gym alone. If one needs to see tangible benefits of working out, it should be done regularly. This is possible only when you are paying a personal trainer for helping you out with the regimen.

    If you are working out on your own, chances are you will give it up sooner or later or miss it very often thus making it ineffective. If you are on the lookout for a personal trainer who has done serious a fitness training course, you only need to check the local ads where you would find a lot of personal trainers offering work out sessions.

    Motivation and accountability apart, administering diet, maintaining a chart for your improvements and successful and tangible health benefits are the three main reasons why personal trainers are hired by people. A good diet containing all the nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids and Vitamins is important for a person along with the physical exercise and a good personal trainer knows how to supplement that in the person’s diet.

    Fitness training course

    If you are working out you will have to scavenge for this information, but unlike in the case of personal trainers, you will only find tid-bits which are way too generic and might or might not suit your exercise regime. A personal trainer will focus on you with undivided attention making you do proper exercises for the right muscles for the right number of sets. Doing an optimum number of sets is good for the muscle build up.

    A personal trainer is also the best person to decide when you should switch to different exercises. To find the best personal trainers, make sure you hire one who has done his personal trainer courses in Gibraltar. While working out alone one might get carried away and do an exercise for excess durations. Similarly when no one is looking, some tough exercises can make you quit, whereas a personal trainer ensures you complete every single exercise. If you are not able to do any particular exercise, you will be demonstrated the right procedure by the trainer too.

    Working out with a personal trainer is also a matter of compatibility. Once you find someone with whom you can gel well, things start to get much easier. Working out with someone who knows the significance of every exercise and how to stay in proper shape will automatically propel you towards the path of self motivation and the love for physical fitness.

  • Why working out with a personal trainer?


    Working with a personal trainer can fetch you results that you have always wanted to see. Many people prefer working with a personal trainer simply because these fitness instructors offer exclusive service to an individual and are fully cognizant of what should be and should not be done for those individuals.

    They offer a holistic health package both in terms of workouts and nutritional advice to their clients. While there are several reasons that support the need for a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goal, there is also another community of people who may not vouch for their services. This is largely because of the cost element attached to hiring a personal trainer. A personal trainer pay can vary from $50 to $110 an hour depending on their services.

    However, when compared to the long term benefits a personal trainer has to offer, you will very soon be able to gauge the benefits over cost. Therefore, there are many reasons that support hiring personal trainers. Read more


    becoming certified

    But identifying an effective trainer from a not so effective one is often complicated and many people end up losing loads of money due to a wrong choice. While it is difficult to chart out an extremely full proof methodology to identify a good trainer, following certain critical steps can take you closer to your goal.

    (1)        Certifications, qualification and accreditations are an excellent means of determining a qualified and professional personal trainer. They are an authorized way of understanding the credentials of a fitness instructor. It is a basic presumption that a trainer who is well qualified or just becoming certified has good amount of national accreditations to his portfolio is deemed to be good at his work and therefore can be trusted.

    (2)        Professionalism is an important component to any good professional and a personal trainer is no exception to this rule. Determine if he is really interested in you achieving your goal and plans to work towards it. Prioritizing money or any other aspect over health and fitness is definitely not a good sign.

    (3)        Get referrals from his clients on his performance and the way he treats his individual clients.

    (4)        Personality is also considered important. One who looks fit and maintains his physique is most likely to replicate similar efforts to his clients.

    (5)        Good personal trainers are those who are genuinely interested in your well being and take every step to help you reach your goal.

    There also exist other aspects to consider and these will become evident when you discuss directly with them.