Bikes for the pacific

We have just been contacted by UNICEF New Zealand about donating some bikes to be sent to Kiribati. We have some which I will be fixing up, but if you have any old unused bikes out there (in any condition as I will donate my time and parts into fixing them) please contact us.

We can also pick them up.


Mamachari T Shirts

Mamachari T shirts have just arrived in red, black and white, only $40.



Save the world – ride a bike


Small actions in our daily life, make a difference. Look at this group of kids in the slums of Nairobi singing about using bicycles instead of cars! Save the world Рride a bike


Mamachari accessories

As part of our ongoing efforts to make riding your bike easier and more enjoyable, we are pleased to announce that our online shop now displays saddles, helmets, pumps, locks and wicker baskets we have available. If you see anything that tickles your fancy, simply contact us and we can arrange delivery.