the gadaWhen completing personal training certifications your Fitness Australia personal trainer will learn that your body is incapable of manufacturing protein, so you have to obtain it from protein rich foods. Protein is vital for muscle, bone, tissues and cartilage development. 

Amino acids, found in protein, are building blocks for your body and a boot camper needs it even more after his intense workout.

The endurance and strength building exercises trainers learn at PT courses requires you to feed on protein rich foods to build, tone and repair muscles, boost immunity and restore red blood cells.

Protein increases your metabolic rate and speeds up fat loss. It also enhances the production of hormone called glucagon, used to check the level of insulin in your body. Your diet is nutritionally incomplete without protein to build and repair muscles and for effective recovery after a boot camp workout.

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If you are a non vegetarian, large amount of protein is found in all meat, poultry and seafood products. Dairy products, dry fruits and nuts, lentils and beans have protein in moderate quantities. Dangerously Fit incorporates nutritional expertise with fitness programs in order to achieve maximum benefits and optimum results.

The standard recommended requirement of protein daily is 55 to 60 grams in a diet containing 1500 to 2000 calories, irrespective of age, body size or sex. Athletes or boot campers have higher requirements of proteins on account of their intense endurance exercises. Protein rich food, low in saturated fat and high in amino acids like low fat cuts of pork, beef, skinned chicken, eggs, seafood and milk products, provide you with energy to do challenging resistance training workouts.

High protein diet (HPD) is usually followed by sportsmen, athletes, bodybuilders and boot campers to gain muscle strength as well as lose weight. HPD with exercise curbs hunger that helps in weight loss. It reduces carbohydrates and body fluids from the body. Some HPD foods are boiled soybeans, whey, peanuts, steak, chicken breast and tuna.’

Excellent results from workout programs can be achieved with addition of HPD foods.

Protein builds antibodies and enzymes that maintain chemical reactions in your body. Your body utilizes protein continually, so it is vital to replenish it constantly. 

Your personal trainer will ensure you eat enough of the necessary protein required by your body to perform light and heavy exercises. This will help you in your weight loss and fitness goals to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

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