There has been an increasing demand for personal trainers because of the various advantages like weight loss, fat burning, endurance building and increase in stamina. There are a number of boot camps conducted by professional Sunshine Coast personal fitness trainer. There are certain things that you must keep in mind before hiring a trainer.

Trainer credentials

Before you sign up find out who your personal trainer will be and whether he/she has the required qualifications for it. Check whether they are registered with Fitness Australia. Enquire about the fitness trainer’s past experience in conducting boot camps and other physical fitness trainings.

Background check

Ask for references and recommendations. Talk to people who are currently attending their program you intend to sign up for. Talk to past students and get to know the quality of training and whether the training provided is effective.

Trial session

Many Sunshine Coast trainers offer free trial sessions for participants who want to join. It is always a good idea to attend one session of a boot camp such as and understand what level of training is conducted. The trail session will also help you to understand who your co-participants will be and the mode of training of your instructor.

Fitness assessments

A personal trainer must conduct fitness assessment and health evaluations of all participants who sign in. This is to understand what level of difficulty and training the participant can undergo. Check whether the trainer you want to sign up for conducts initial health assessments.

Injury prevention

When you do rigorous physical activity in a training program, you are prone to injuring yourself. Ask the instructors whether they have medical aid nearby and whether a first aid kit is readily available. Ask them how they tend to injuries of participants and whether they’re accessed to a medical practitioner in case of emergencies.


It is very important to know which group you will be put into by your Sunshine Coast fitness trainer. Fitness activities differ as per age groups and fitness levels. For example, activities are different for youngsters wanting to get fit, people training for a sports event or marathon, teenagers or elderly people. If you are put in the wrong group, you will not get the most effective results and may even end up injuring yourself if you do an advanced level of physical activities.

Types of challenges offered

Trainers offer various types of challenges such as rock climbing, running uphill, yoga, long-distance running, cycling, intensive swimming, hiking etc. Check what workouts and physical activities are involved. For the body to get a complete workout in a boot camp, it is important to do various types of activities and not the same set of exercises again and again.

Personal Trainer Sunshine Coast offers a more challenging and varied workout. It often gives faster and more effective results since it strengthens the body and mind. Make sure you do a proper background check before you sign up for a boot camp because the training that you get here will have lasting effects on your body and mind.